Brief About Imam Hassan Awards

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Brief About Imam Hassan Awards

The Forum announced in the second meeting 2015 the launch of the award "Imam Hassan bin Ali may Allah be pleased with him for international peace," an annual award dedicated to honor the owners of scientific works and scientific initiatives in the culture of peace and the establishment of value in Muslim societies of scientists and intellectuals.
The choice of the name of Imam Hassan bin Ali, inspired by the great position, which stood by the tribe of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him when reformed between two great classes of Muslims, our right to blood and to protect them from annihilation.

The mission of the Award is to promote scientific consolidation in the field of correcting the concepts of peace and human brotherhood and for initiatives in the scientific embodiment of these concepts and values in the fields of conflicts and crises. It is based on a set of values, including enhancing the sense of belonging to the Islamic nation and consolidating the concepts of brotherhood and human and religious unity. And sent the legal approach in the management of the difference between the components of the Islamic Ummah and the establishment of openness to others according to the rules of the Islamic approach inherent, and aims to achieve a degree of awareness of the goal of peace and reconciliation between the components of the Muslim nation and the most important To be achieved through thought and dialogue.

The award aims at appreciating the personalities and institutions that have made outstanding achievements in spreading the jurisprudence and culture of peace in Muslim societies and linking Muslim youth to the idea of promoting a culture of peace, dialogue and peaceful coexistence without violating the Islamic principles and rules and seeking to modernize the means, mechanisms and methods of addressing and persuading young Muslims not to slide into violence Extremism and not to be prey to personal ambitions, collective, political, ethnic and sectarian ambitions.

He won the award at the first session of the year 2015, the Indian thinker Wahiduddin Khan, the culmination of his project of life in advocating the approach of peace and fighting the mentality of violence and war and criticism of the method of change of movement and reading the reduction of religion practiced by the movements of political Islam, has written dozens of books to defend his peaceful theses and presented in Has been the target of many slander campaigns by the opponents of the radicals and traditionalists. The award of the Imam Hassan bin Ali Award to Molana Wahiduddin Khan received a special international appeal in India, where the head of the Ministry of India Moody on his account in Twitter congratulated Wahid al-Din and the uniqueness of the award.

The Award was awarded at its second session in 2016 for the "Interfaith Peace Platform" initiative launched by Christian and Muslim religious leaders in the Central African Republic.

The award was given in light of its role in the restoration of society and the promotion of the values of peace through its own means and direct contact with citizens after the civil war in Central African Republic since 2012 through the network of mosques and churches throughout the country. The initiative also focused on the need to convey the suffering of the people of Central Africa to international forums and played a prominent role in influencing the UN Security Council and sending it to the peacekeeping force, where they met Secretary-General Banque Moon in March 2014.