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HH Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Cabinet Member, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
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Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the master of the messengers, and upon his family and companions, I have witnessed civilization. Islam is a great age, the honor of the world, through which mankind lived through its best times. Through hundreds of years to this day, until it became known to Muslims that they are good people, love and peace, that some concepts have emerged from tolerance to rudeness, from capacity to distress.
And contemplating the causes of what is happening, is well aware that there is a lot of ambiguity in vision and confusion in concepts and dysfunctions in the application of the Muslim individual himself, which reflect the crisis culture in which a person lives.
Islamic societies today, and must be on the leaders and decision makers and thinkers of scientists and intellectuals, politicians and media.
To assume their responsibilities in addressing them and to work in an unprecedented manner to redress the crisis that the nation is going through. And launch
From that responsibility, and in the interest of unity of class, we have seen that the organization of an international mobilization to deal with ideas and issues
Which is one of the causes of these disturbances is very necessary and that the underestimation of such circumstances may be very dangerous.
In order to remedy these situations, and besiege the fires of their ideas, and strive to extinguish what caused by Fires may devour what is left of the cultural heritage of which we Muslims are proud before the world. We are advocates of peace first. And the organization of an international forum entitled "Promoting peace in Muslim societies";To achieve this role, and begins by discussing the pressing issues, correcting concepts, and handling the fatwa. In the time of strife, to return to the great Islamic values that are compatible with human values and the availability of livelihoods and how we have contributed to world peace.

God Almighty, for all who love and want.
Your brother
Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan